Shiva - Sympathy Dessert Platter

Shiva - Sympathy Dessert Platter

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A thoughtful way to bring comfort to those in mourning is to send a shiva - sympathy dessert platter to your friend or loved one. This platter includes an assortment of our most popular products: cookie bars, raspberry bars, black & white cookies, and rugelach.

Small Platter Medium Platter  Large Platter
12 Petite Cookie Bars 18 Petite Cookie Bars 24 Petite Cookie Bars
12 Petite Raspberry Bars 18 Petite Raspberry Bars 24 Petite Raspberry Bars
6 Assorted Rugelach 6 Assorted Rugelach 8 Assorted Rugelach
6 Petite Black & White Cookies 8 Petite Black & White Cookies

*Assortment numbers may vary on availability. The total pieces will remain the same.

**This item is available for local pickup or delivery only.  To order this item with less than 24 hours' notice, please call 202-234-9235 to confirm availability.