Support the Community

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I - like so many other business owners - thought for sure it meant the end of Baked by Yael.  Nearly all of our revenue sources dried up.  Catering orders were canceled because the events being catered were canceled. Cakepop parties were canceled as parents worried about how to celebrate their children's birthdays. Zoo traffic came to a grinding halt when the National Zoo closed its doors.

When I realized just how much of an impact the COVID-19 crisis would have on my business, I immediately thought: how can I stay in business and how can I help my community at the same time? The answer was easy. Give back.

That's why I started a campaign to raise money for Baked by Yael to provide delicious treats to first responders as well as vulnerable community members. Since March 2020, we have distributed thousands of cakepops, bagels, and other treats.

Your donation to Baked by Yael has double the impact. It helps us continue to provide delicious treats to hospital staff and vulnerable members of our community who are self-isolating.  It also helps us keep our staff employed.