Gluten-free Matzah Bliss
Gluten-free Matzah Bliss

Gluten-free Matzah Bliss

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Use this page to pre-order Gluten-free Matzah Bliss.  Please note that Gluten-free Matzah Bliss will not be available for pickup/delivery/shipping until mid-March.

Our Matzah Bliss is a twist on the traditional Passover food, with a layer of caramel and chocolate adorning each piece to bring some sweetness to your Seder.  For this gluten-free version, we use Rabbi Kestenbaum's gluten-free oat matzah, imported from Israel.  Learn more about this gluten-free matzah here.

Small size is approximately 8 oz.  Large is approximately 16 oz.

(All Matzah Bliss will come in a bakery box)

Please note that while our Matzah Bliss does not contain chametz, it is not certified Kosher for Passover.

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