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Please use this page to order challah for pickup/delivery/shipping on Thursdays.  We strongly recommend that you order in advance to increase the chances that you'll get one, and we thank you for your understanding if we are sold out. 

If you would like your challah on Fridays, please click here to learn about our Challah Subscriptions.

We bake challah fresh on Thursdays and Fridays.  We sometimes have a few challahs available for purchase on Friday without a subscription.  If we do, they will be made available for purchase on this page.  If you order challah for pickup on Saturday or Sunday, it will have been baked on Thursday and frozen the same day it was baked.


Made from scratch, our kosher challah is the perfect addition to your Shabbat dinner or any special occasion.  In the event you don't gobble it all down on the first day, turn it into Challah French Toast later!

We've done an embarrassing amount of taste-testing to make sure our challah is as good as it can possibly be.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

Choose from regular or jumbo sizes, in either plain, raisin, or vegan plain.  Regular size is a little less than a foot long.  Jumbo size is about 15 inches long and twice the overall size of a Regular challah.

Allergen Info

Our plain and raisin challah contains egg and honey, but does not contain dairy. Our vegan challah does not contain dairy, egg or honey. While none of our challah contains dairy and we use good cleaning practices between products, our challah is made on shared equipment with other products that may contain dairy. Please see more information about our ingredients and kosher certification

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