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Our bagels are made from scratch, hand-rolled, and boiled right in our store— just like a bagel should be! We offer 6 flavors: plain, poppy, sesame, everything, onion, and salt.


Do your bagels contain dairy, egg, or honey?
No.  Our bagels are vegan.

Are your bagels gluten-free?
No.  Our bagels use hi-gluten flour.  We have tried to make a gluten-free bagel and have failed miserably each time.  The gluten is what gives bagels their chewy bagel-like consistency.

Why are all of your bagels a different shape?
We hand-roll our bagels.  This is what gives them their authentic, artisan look and taste.  If you're comparing our bagels to other places whose bagels all look exactly the same, their bagels were probably made by a machine (not hand-rolled).  In our opinion, a bagel that isn't hand-rolled isn't a real bagel.

What's on your Everything bagel?
Sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, salt

Do you make Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, Whole Wheat, or Pumpernickel bagels?

Do I have to eat all the bagels the same day I get them?
No.  You can freeze them the same day you get them and enjoy them later.

What's the best way to reheat your bagels?
- Freeze the bagels you don’t eat today in a freezer bag (do not slice).
- Pre-heat oven (or set toaster oven) to 340°(F).
- Bake unsliced, frozen bagel for 12-14 minutes.
- Let bagel cool for a bit before slicing.
- Enjoy!


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