Sliced Unreal Corned Beef
Sliced Unreal Corned Beef

Sliced Unreal Corned Beef

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We've teamed up with Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli to bring their famous vegan corned beef to Washington, DC! Now you can use this delicious, plant-based product in your own recipes without paying the high cost of cold shipping. 
Our 1-pound package of thin slices makes 4 or 5 meaty sandwiches and keeps refrigerated for 4 weeks! It's ready to eat right out of the package or heated.
Unreal Deli Vegan Cored Beef is plant-based, kosher, and nut-free. There are no artificial colorings, nitrates, cholesterol, or preservatives.
Try our Vegan Corned Beef Reubenand Classic Vegan Corned Beef Sandwich on our famous bagels or challah, too!
Note: Vegan corned beef products are available for pickup or local delivery only.