Wedding Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops What's a cake pop? It's a ball of cake and frosting mixed together, and dipped in a candy coating. Simply put, cake pops are deliciousness on a stick! Or, as one customer put it, Baked by Yael's cake pop is the "best morsel of dough and [candy coating] that has ever graced my mouth."

Baked by Yael's wedding cake pops are a favorite for wedding favors. We've had customers order cake pops clumped together in vases and used as centerpieces. We've even had people order our cake pops in lieu of a wedding cake! If you have a display idea, just ask! Cake pops can come wrapped or unwrapped. With enough advance notice, we may be able to order bow twisties in colors that match your wedding colors.

Contact us today and let us help you incorporate cake pops to help you celebrate your special day.