Bridal Shower Cake Pops and more!

Gold Cake Pops What's a cake pop? It's a ball of cake and frosting mixed together, and dipped in a candy coating. Simply put, cake pops are deliciousness on a stick! Or, as one customer put it, Baked by Yael's cake pop is the "best morsel of dough and [candy coating] that has ever graced my mouth."

Our cake pops make lovely party favors for your bridal shower or desserts during the shower itself. Our cake pops are custom-made for your occasion. They can come wrapped as party favors or unwrapped to serve at the shower. Our raspberry bars, chocolate chip cookies, and other desserts also make delicious treats and are popular selections for bridal showers. If you choose to use cake pops as party favors, we also offer custom tags that can be added to the cake pop bags thanking your guests for coming to your shower.

Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss all the different options for your shower.