Our Cakepoppery Has a Home!

Today marks the start of a new adventure and is a good opportunity to resurrect Baked by Yael’s blog!  We have finally concluded our two-year search for retail space for our flagship store…

Cakepoppery AnnouncementFor the past 4 years, Baked by Yael has been operating as an online bakery.  Now we are finally on our way to having a brick-and-mortar shop!

When the cakepoppery opens later this year, you will finally be able to have the full Baked by Yael experience.  Cakepops will be everywhere!  You’ll be able to smell the cakes in the oven and watch us dip cakepops.  You’ll see children – and grownups – happily decorating their own cakepops at our Cakepop Parties.  We will also continue to sell our other products, including hand-rolled bagels, black & white cookies, and rugelach.
I owe a huge thanks to Janis Schiff of Holland & Knight who represented Baked by Yael during lease negotiations, and to Susan Freeman McGee and Brandon Howard of Divaris Real Estate who guided me on my quest for retail space.  Our search wasn’t easy, but we ended up with the perfect location, a wonderful landlord, and a very supportive community surrounding us.  I am also grateful to Revere Bank for financing the cakepoppery along with the funding we received from our Kickstarter campaign last year.
Now it’s time to build the cakepoppery!

This is where the fun begins.  We’re working on the store layout now, then we’ll move onto the really fun stuff like wall colors and furniture.

We have a truly stellar team working on the cakepoppery build out, including Stoiber + Associates, Potomac Construction Services, The Design Difference, Kreative Ways, and FACE.  We will also be working closely with Creativecouch Designs, Red Turtle Photography, and iCandy Productions.

Stay tuned as work on the cakepoppery gets underway!

Introducing the Kale Cake Pop

Although The Washingtonian named our cake pops Best of Washington last year, we’ve decided to undergo a complete overhaul and change our menu entirely.  Starting today we will no longer offer Red Velvet, Birthday, and Cookies n’ Cream cake pops.  Instead, our menu will feature Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli cake pops.  YUM.

If you placed a cake pop order prior to this announcement, we will make our old flavors for you.  However, we will include a couple of kale cake pops with your order.  They will look just like our regular cake pops and you won’t know you picked a kale cake pop until you bite into it.

April Fools!  Not to worry.  Our Red Velvet, Birthday, and Cookies n’ Cream cake pops aren’t going anywhere :-)

Move Over Hot Wings, Super Bowl Cake Pops Have Arrived

I’ll admit it.  I used to know next to nothing about football.  In fact, I may have attended a Super Bowl party a while back and asked someone what inning it was… although there’s no proof that conversation actually took place.

I’ve come a long way since then.  By now, I’ve been to enough Super Bowl parties to know that the Super Bowl brings to mind a number of different foods such as wings, chili, nachos, and chips & salsa.  I’ve also noticed that there aren’t really any good football desserts.  Maybe someone brings cookies or candy to a Super Bowl party, but there isn’t a dessert that people tend to associate with the Super Bowl.  (If you think otherwise, please comment below!)

I may not eat, sleep, and breathe football, but I do know a little something about desserts, especially cake pops.  And with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, I thought:  why not add dessert to the traditional Super Bowl mix?  I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone give up hot wings or chips & salsa.  I’m just saying that a little something sweet might enhance the overall Super Bowl culinary experience.

Super Bowl Cake Pops
Football Cake Pops

As you might have guessed, in addition to our usual scrumptious desserts, Baked by Yael has the perfect cake pop for the Super Bowl: football cake pops!  We can customize the colors for your team or for both teams, if you happen to mingle with your opponents’ supporters.  If your team didn’t make the big game and you want our football cake pops in their colors, just let us know.  Whatever color scheme you choose, make no mistake about it:  the Super Bowl food line-up has finally found its dessert.

Contact us online or by phone (202.480.9235) to place your order today.  Save 10% on your Super Bowl cake pop order when you mention this blog post.

My Visit to the White House

I arrived to the White House this morning shortly after 10:30.  The security guard motioned for me to wait at the gate and then asked through the intercom, “Do you have an appointment?”  I paused for a second and then replied, “Yes, I do.”  I couldn’t believe that I had actually been invited to the White House to hear the President deliver remarks on the economy.  It was such an honor when the White House included me in its interactive timeline earlier this year.  I didn’t expect to hear from them again and I never thought I would be invited inside the White House.

One year ago to the day, I left my job as an associate at a prestigious law firm to pursue my passion for business and baking.  I left a secure, high-paying job in the middle of a recession to become an entrepreneur.  I’ve had so many wonderful experiences over the past year, but today’s invitation to the White House definitely takes the cake (pop).

White HouseI passed through the first security checkpoint and made my way up the steps to the White House entrance.  The people around me seemed calm and relaxed.  Maybe they were regular visitors.  The only time I’d ever been in the White House before today was for the public White House tour.  Today was different.  I was going through a side entrance.  I had an appointment.

As I waited to pass through the second security checkpoint, my heart started racing.  I couldn’t believe I was inside the White House, under the same roof as the President of the United States.

South Court AuditoriumAfter I passed through the second security checkpoint, I made my way down the hall and down a set of stairs to the ground floor.  I walked down another hall and outside until I reached the South Court Auditorium.  When I walked in, there were cameras lined up along the back wall.  To the right was the podium where the President would be speaking in just a short while.

The President was supposed to begin speaking at 11:35, but he didn’t arrive until around noon.  I was afraid he might be a no-show, but the camera crews weren’t packing up, so I figured he was still coming.  He was probably just running a little late.  I mean, he’s a pretty busy man, running a country and all.  If I’m always running 15 minutes late as the owner of a small bakery business, it’s understandable that the leader of the free world would be running half an hour behind schedule.

Yael at the White HouseI took advantage of the delay to get a quick picture by the podium.  The extra time also gave me a chance to chat with the woman sitting next to me, a fellow entrepreneur who owns an IT company.  Dolly had a ton of great ideas for my business and how to get new customers.  I’ve had a lot of conversations with many different people about how to generate new business, but having this chat in the White House was positively invigorating.  I wish I could have all of my brainstorming sessions there.

“The President will be arriving in 2 minutes” said a man over the intercom.  My heart skipped a beat.  Two minutes until I’m in the same room as the President of the United States.  And then he walked in.

POTUSTo be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to what the President actually said.  I figured I could watch his speech later.  I wanted to soak up the experience.  The room was full of energy and enthusiasm.  And there was the President of the United States, right in front of me.  I was surprised that people in the audience were snapping photos of the President while he was speaking, but as the saying goes, when in Rome… So, I took a picture on my camera phone and then put my phone away.  The President seemed so calm and relaxed.  It felt as though there were just a few of us in the room, having a casual conversation.

The President spoke for about 20 minutes, shook some hands, and was on his way to continue running our great nation.  As for me, I left feeling energized, excited, and eager to ramp things up at Baked by Yael.  I’m ready to get my first storefront, hire a big staff, and help the President create jobs and strengthen our economy.  Today’s adventure also stirred up some of my childhood fantasies about becoming President.  Krigman 2020?

Krigman for President

Krigman for President 2020. Cake Pops for a Cause!



Cake Pop in Chief Debate Party with Baked by Yael

Election Cake PopsThe road to the White House has never been sweeter!

Please join Baked by Yael for a viewing party of the second presidential debate at The Front Page in Dupont Circle (1333 New Hampshire Avenue NW).  We’ll be offering free election-themed cake pops and the chance to vote for your candidate in our “Cake Pop in Chief” poll.  The patriotic line-up of flavors on the ballot includes American Dream Cookies n’ Cream, Rock the Vote Red Velvet, and Cast Your Ballot Birthday Cake.  The Front Page will also be offering drink specials all night.

The party starts at 8:00 PM so there will be plenty of time to catch up with friends and network with new ones before the debate starts!  This round of verbal dueling is a town hall format on domestic and foreign policy and is Washington, DC’s version of the Super Bowl, so get ready for a great night.

Free cake pops will be provided on a first come, first served basis so we hope to see you there early!

Friends are welcome, so please spread the word!!  So that we have an idea of how many people to expect, please RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/events/516161055078782/ or by e-mailing info@bakedbyyael.com.  RSVP is encouraged but not required.

If you are having your own debate watch party on the 16th and can’t join us at The Front Page, we’re offering a 10% discount on election cake pops for pick-up or delivery on October 15 or 16, but you must order in advance (info@bakedbyyael.com or 202.480.9235).  Mention this blog post for the 10% discount.

Our Story – Have you seen Baked by Yael’s company video?

Those of you who follow our blog know that we were absolutely delighted when Baked by Yael’s cake pop was named Best of Washington. Successes like that are not only thrilling, they also remind of us that a passion can be built into a thriving business.  This video, which also appears on our website, reminds us of how we started out.  For those unable to view the video, the transcript is below.  Do you know of any other small, local businesses that started out similarly?  Comment to let us know.  We love hearing and sharing these stories.

Video Transcript:

I was really stressed in law school and especially when I was studying for the bar exam, I had to be at home all day studying and so I started baking kind of as a stress reliever.
One thing led to another and I took the bar exam, came back to work after I took the bar exam, and I continued baking.  I started a tradition at my office called Monday Treat, so every Monday morning I would bring in a different baked good.  It wasn’t always the most amazing baked good, but it was always a baked good and it was always made from scratch.

At first, my customers were my friends and by word of mouth it got to the point where a lot of people in the neighborhood were my customers.  Now I ship throughout the United States for pretty much anybody who loves sweets or bagels.  The main things are my bagels, of course, and also my cake pops, but my personal favorite is my black and white cookie.  I love it.  It’s exactly as I want it.  And then I also have other things like my rugelach.  Some of my recipes come from my family in Israel and so there are cross-Atlantic discussions on how to perfect the recipe going back and forth.

I don’t come up with a new product every week.  My goal is just to take a basic product and make it really well.

Cake pops are like the new cupcake, the new “it” thing in baked goods.  They’re little balls of cake and frosting on the inside, so it’s like if you took part of a cupcake and mixed it together and rolled it into a ball.  Then it’s dipped in a candy coating and it can either come on a lollipop stick or it can just come so it looks like a truffle.

I take it very seriously and I want my customers to be 100% satisfied.  I’ll go the extra step and I’ll do their cake pops in custom colors to make their whole event perfect.

It’s exciting it’s also kind of scary, you know?  Especially then to leave a really good day job to follow my passion.

Another Day, Another Batch of Cake Pops

Making these cake pops for the New Home Baptist Church in Landover last week was a lot of fun.  My main contact person at the church was so excited about the pops — It was such a pleasure working with her!  Fortunately, I was able to match the cake pops colors to the church’s colors.  When I dropped off the pops at the church, there were a bunch of people hard at work getting ready for their event.  Everything looked awesome and there’s no doubt that the event was a success!

Washingtonian Names Baked by Yael’s Cake Pop Best of Washington!

Cake PopsOn behalf of the Baked by Yael team, I am thrilled to announce that the Washingtonian Magazine has named our cake pop the Best of Washington. Be sure to pick up a copy of the July issue of the Washingtonian and check out the cake pop article on page 100.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this exciting news with your friends. Click on the social media icons below to connect with us online.

This recognition from the Washingtonian is a tremendous honor for us and it’s a sign that we’re on the right track. We have much more in store for Baked by Yael! This is just the beginning.

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to sharing our cake pops, bagels, and other treats with you for years to come.

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Welcome Claire!


ClaireWe are thrilled to welcome our very first intern, Claire Ferrara, to the Baked by Yael team.  Claire is a New Media Photojournalism master’s candidate at the Corcoran College of Art & Design.  She is especially interested in social media marketing and the utilization of multi-media platforms to promote small businesses.

As a second-generation Italian, handmade food has been an important staple in Claire’s family and life.  Moreover, as the daughter of a small-business owner, she values the hard work of companies such as Baked by Yael.  Claire looks forward to carrying over these passions and skills into her social media summer internship.  And, of course, she’s looking forward to eating lots of yummy treats!

Claire will be developing Baked by Yael’s presence on social media sites.  You can help ensure Claire’s internship is a huge success by connecting with Baked by Yael online.  Enter your e-mail address towards the top right-hand side of this page to subscribe to our blog and click on the following links to visit our other social media sites:
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GW Law Supports its Lawyer-turned-Baker Alumna

When I quit my job as a law firm associate to focus on Baked by Yael full-time, I wondered how my alma mater, GW Law would take the news that I had chucked my law firm job to pursue my baking and business aspirations.  I couldn’t have imagined that they would be as supportive as they are.  Not only do they order from Baked by Yael on a regular basis, but they totally embrace the notion that a law degree can be used for so much more than working at a law firm.  Click here to read GW Law’s Q&A with me and see how I’m using my law degree in non-traditional (but still very useful) ways.

People sometimes ask me if I regret going to law school.  To them I respond, how could I when I use my law degree so much as a business owner and when I have such a well-respected institution like GW supporting me and cheering me on!